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Azyd Sanif, 16/8/1994, Kota Tinggi, Johor, PMS Student, EXO, SNSD, Sing, Dance, Baking, Baekhyun

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© Skin by Ken Eriksen inspired by atiqah jaidin. Image from . Do tell me if I do not credit yours.
New Skin
17 January 2014 | 0 growlist(s)

Oyeah. Finally new skin from Atiqah something idk her name but thanks a lot. I love EXO a lot and here's come the eu-re-rong skin. And it's awesome :) But actually ade a lot problem masa nak replace template lama dengan template dari blogskins.com ni. Takpe yg penting dah berjaye buat and still need a little setup then it's perfect. Thanks for those yg terlibat :)

Credit to : nurulatiqahjaidin.blogspot.com

Currently waiting this shirt to be arrived :)