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Trip To Fly.Fm (Sri Pentas Tv3)
10 April 2013 | 0 growlist(s)

Assalamualaikum. This time, I have to write my post in English because its for my English Language Society assignment. Sorry yaww!! =)

Here I am. I mean here's the day which I've been wait for a long time.

5 April 2013 3pm. We arrive at the Perkarangan Sri Pentas TV3. I'm was totally nervous on that time but pretending to be cool =D. About 30 student were joining this trip including 1 lecturer. Suppose to be, our lecturer, Miss Rina are the one who should join us coming there. Unfortunately, she has been placed to Hospital for a few day due to something which I'm not sure what is it.

I'm was really not believing because this is my first time coming here. So sad. Yarh, what's in my mind is to see some popular celebrity. LoL =) Back to our main program, trip to fly.fm. Even its so fascinate me to walk all around the place, our target is more important that that. 

In the studio, we meet with DJ Prem which handling evening segment on fly.fm. We were separated into two session. Since I don't know what question does those first session of student were asking, I will show you some question and answer from my session.

Q : How much salary for a DJ?
A : Not Fixed. Depend on DJ's experience

Q : Did you pay for a celebrity to come to DJ?
A : No need if just to do an interview.

*Try to avoid from a serious topic if a caller start to talk about it.

Q : What is the main steps to be a DJ
A : -Must have own personality
-Don't be too nervous
-Should be talkative

Q : If you're nervous while on-Air (on the first time being a DJ), what are you going to do?
A : Imagine you're talking to your friend or someone you're close to.

*Do a lot research for a song
-Song that grown in your age
-Keep music relevance/balance

Q : If there have trouble about system while on-Air. What do you do?
A : We don't have to worry about that, because a system trigger will alert then a maintenance will come to check the trouble.

Q : If you are not in a well mood like sore throat or critical sick, how does it going?
A : Somebody will replace you if needed.

*DJ should always well prepared

Q : How do you improve your English Language
A : Do a lot of reading and listen to people speech and talk

So, how is it? Does it helpful? Yarh, that's the only question which I could give it to you all. Here is a little bit photo memory of us at the Perkarangan Sri Pentas. =)

That is the end of my post for this time. Sorry if I got some alphabetic error above . LoL
Me just hope that next time we could do some another trip again soon and what is the most important is, Miss Rina could join us on that time.

Nae Hwaiting  =)

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